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In this category, we are sharing startup resources with entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Portfolio Diversification: Are Stocks Right For You

Portfolio Diversification: Are Stocks Right For You?

Whether you’ve got some money already set aside for stock investment or will soon be coming into some money, you need to understand the market first if you’d like to invest...
social media sites

20+ Social Media Sites You Need To Know in 2021

Everyone is familiar with social media very well. Social media is a nest of many websites, which is a major source of all small and big businesses. Social media sites are...
best work from home jobs

30+ Best Work From Home Jobs 2021

The way of working is changing. Graduates are trying to find jobs that allow them to work from home. Freelancing is one of the best ways to work from home. After the...
How to Start A Pet Business

How to Start A Pet Business in 2021?

Starting a pet business is a dream of most animal lovers. You may recall your childhood when you were playing with pets, worrying about and caring them. Remember, when you were going...
eCommerce Trends To Lookout For

7 eCommerce Trends In 2021 To Lookout For

In the previous few years, the eCommerce business has made wonderful developments around the globe. Surely, retail eCommerce deals added up to (US$)3.53 trillion worldwide in 2019 which is extended to...
50 Best Business Blogs That Accept guest Posts

50 Best Business Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Looking for best business blogs which accept guest posts? Now stop looking search engine results and web pages. Take a look at the article below and visit the blogs to post...
how to start a blog on WordPress

How to Start a Blog on WordPress

How to start a blog? It is an often asked questioned on internet as lot of people are interested in starting their own blogs. The reason behind starting a blog may vary....
Use Chatbots

Trying to Improve your Customer Services & Experience: Use Chatbots

These days, customer services are highly important for businesses. If you want to increase your leads, sales and brand loyalty, you’ll need to improve your overall customers’ services and experiences. You should remember...


10 Best Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh 2020

Planning to start a small business in Bangladesh? Great! We are going to list best small business ideas in Bangladesh which you can start with...