17+ Best Small Business Ideas in Indonesia


Looking for best small business ideas Indonesia? We are going to list some of the best startup ideas in Indonesia which you can consider in 2024.

Best Small Business Ideas in Indonesia

best small business ideas in Indonesia

1# Furniture Factory

Other country’s source of furniture is from Indonesia. Indonesia’s furniture export raises of 10.53 percent.

You can start a furniture factory and sell furniture like sofas, chairs, tables, etc. to other countries or either start repairing broken furniture and remodel them as new furniture.

2# Insurance Business

Indonesia has the most profitable market for the insurance business.  It is the fastest-growing market for life insurance and accounts for two-thirds of the sector.

Motor insurance increases at a CAGR of 5.3%. Insurance business can be set up and can provide different services of medical and non-medical coverage, business insurance, motor vehicle insurance, etc.

3# Food Carts

Opening an eating place is a tough task, however, one can open a food cart and its miles less complicated to set up.

The food cart fees are around $1800 to $20000. A dish that isn’t always available in Indonesia is a good option to keep on the menu. In this manner, the sales may be increased.

4# ISP Provider

As the internet is booming, one can become an internet service provider. Combine a package of internet and cable TV cost around $40/month.

As fast internet is the requirement in Indonesia, you can consider that factor and can make a lot of money through providing this service.

5# Clothing Line

Clothes can be modern and traditional. US$6,771m in 2020 is the revenue of the fashion segment in Indonesia.

You can start a clothing line business in Indonesia. You can provide Kaftans, which is a local dress of Indonesian people. But for this business, you must need a business plan.

6# Hotels

Many people visit Indonesia regularly either for business purposes or tourism purposes. US$4,264m in 2020 is the revenue calculated for hotel segments.

One can open his or her own hotel and provide accommodation to these visitors. The hotel business is always a profitable one.

You can also give other facilities like a gym, food, events arrangement by hotel, transport, etc.

7# Bookkeeping

It is one of the best small business ideas in Indonesia. People start new businesses every year and they obviously need services of bookkeepers. If you hire services through a website then you can get 40 to 50% off on the original price.

If you have knowledge of accountancy, then you can easily enter this business with a large customer base. Bookkeepers prepare a balance sheet, income statements, etc.

8# Business Consultant

Many small business ideas are coming to Indonesia. Good business consultancies will have a 90% repeat client rate.

Therefore, they require the services of a business consultant. You can open your own business consultancy and share your experience with new entrepreneurs.

9# Meat Processing

The meat processing business has a huge potential market. In Indonesia, you can start your own business of meat processing and packaging.

The cost you need is IDR 10 billion to start a small enterprise. All you need is meat processing equipment, capital, and some manpower.

10# Social Media Marketing

Indonesia has a massive social media audience. In Indonesia, an average person spends 3 hours and 26 minutes on social media.

So, one can enter this business by giving services like managing social media content, creating different content, etc.

11# Rice Production

Indonesia is the biggest rice producer and the largest rice consumer in the world. Rice is a staple food of Indonesia. The staple food is that kind of food that makes a dominant part of the diet of a nation or a community etc. On the other hand, Indonesia is an agricultural country. Given all that, cultivating and growing crops in Indonesia is a profitable business.

The rice production, therefore, may be carried out in Indonesia on a small scale basis too, as a quite profitable business because of its large scale consumption in Indonesia and abroad.

12# Food Truck Business

Food Truck business is a great start-up idea. If you can offer standard and delicious dishes to your customers, the food truck business is suitable and quite fit for you.

Taking your truck to busy areas like markets, schools, colleges, universities, and tourist attraction points would promote your business well.

As a start-up idea, a rented truck may also be used for this business activity.

13# Handicraft Shop

Opening a handicraft shop is a good start-up idea in Indonesia. A large number of artisans are living in Indonesia. You can approach these artisans and buy their products for reasonable prices. Local, as well as, foreigners like handicrafts made by these artisans. You can showcase and sell these items in your shop on a commission basis too.

You can promote your business through social media and through your own website.

14# Fisheries Business

The fisheries business is quite a profitable business idea in Indonesia because Indonesia is a natural hub for fish production. It is the largest fish-producing country after China. You can start your own fish farm on a small-scale basis which can, later on, transform into a large-scale business.

As a start-up idea, you can start fish farming at your home on a very small scale basis for further expansion and growth in the future.

15# Teaching Online

Teaching online is a great idea for starting a profitable small business in Indonesia. You can start it with quite a low budget and can teach students online from primary to higher classes matching your knowledge and experience.

All you have to do is to make available a computer and a valid internet connection along with its allied technological assistance for online coaching.

16# Computer and Mobile Repairing

Repair and maintenance work of computers and smart-phone is another idea for a profitable business in Indonesia. If you start getting training from an experienced person or from an institute, within few months you would be able to start your own business.

In the startup phase, it is advisable to start your business by repairing computers and smartphones at homes and offices. When you find that you are getting ground, you can start this business on regular basis by having a shop on rent.

17# Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant provides administrative assistance to its client while operating outside of the client’s office. VA usually works from a home office and receives work material from the client online.

In the current era of a digital world providing virtual assistance to business owners and earn money by working online is one of a large variety of small business ideas which have emanated from internet facilities.

If you are interested to work online as a virtual assistant, freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and freelancer are among the major and most popular sites, freelancers from the world over have joined to earn online.

18# ProofReading

Proofreading is an interesting job online for individuals who have good command over the English language and they are well aware of English grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, etc. Overhauling and improving a piece of written English is first to edit and then proofread the entire work as final corrective touch.

If you are good at English and have a keen eye to proofread a newspaper’s item, a blog post, or some other form of written English, you can start your business and earn online a lot with a very small investment like buying a computer/laptop with a valid internet connection.

Soon, we will share more more profitable business opportunities in Indonesia. So, keep visiting Startup Ideas.

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