21 Best Small Business Ideas in Pakistan 2024


Looking for best small business ideas in Pakistan? We are going to share some of the best and profitable business opportunities which you can start in Pakistan with no to little investment.

Best Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

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1# Consulting Business

Consulting is a profitable venture to start. It is all about networking. In Pakistan, people have job flexibility and make more money in this business. This sector covers 54 percent of GDP and over one-third of total employment.

One can start advertising consulting business, agricultural, business management, retail, fitness, and construction management consulting business, etc.

2# Fish Farming

One of the most highly profitable business in Pakistan is fish farming. The fishing sector is all about 1% of the country’s Gross National Product.

The average revenue of fish farming is $71000 per year. One can start selling finger-fish, shrimps, and prawns because for the whole year they are high in demand. It is considered as a major source of export earnings.

3# Real Estate Investment

Real estate is a popular business. People buy properties and when their price increases they will sell the property at peak prices according to market rate.

Therefore, 12% to 30% of returns are expected from the property. You can start this real estate business by selling commercial properties, flats, houses, malls, etc. They will give a good ROI.

4# Digital Marketing Services

Social media platforms are getting huge popularity these days, so one can start small digital marketing firms. The average revenue is $40,000 per year.

You can offer different services like start a website, graphic designing, proofreading, editing, social media planning, etc.

5# Blogging

The most popular platform for earning in Pakistan these days is blogging. Through Blogging, you can share your views and thoughts with others.

You can earn more than $1000 per month. It can pay you well through Google AdSense, sponsored content and affiliate marketing.

If you are wondering what is the best niche to start a blog, here are some ideas you can you consider:

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6# Beauty Salon

Over the last few decades, Beauty Salon business is growing very fast in Pakistan. Personal care is a major concern for people. The revenue is $25000 per month.

A work permit has to be obtained from authorities before starting a salon. The services can be offered are hairstyling, manicure, and pedicure, personal grooming, makeup, etc.

7# Garment Manufacturing

In Pakistan, the majority of the people are outfit conscious. Garment manufacturing is considered as a billion-dollar industry.

The second-best quality cotton in the world is in Pakistan. It can be sold almost around 20-25%. We can start a kid’s clothing business, sports-related clothes and custom made garments, etc.

8# Home Delivery of Grocery

The most trending small business idea in Pakistan is of home delivery service of grocery. This is considered as the 100% best idea related to small business.

In this way, you can spread your business on a large scale. You should have bikes and vans for the delivery service. The majority of the superstores in Pakistan have started their home delivery service.

9# YouTube Channel

In Pakistan, people can make their YouTube channel free of cost and can earn through ads. To share with the world, you need a unique idea or skills.

In Pakistan, 73% of internet users are frequent visitors to YouTube. On YouTube, one can start educational classes, cooking classes, and can promote any business as well.

10# Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism relates to the thrilling experience enjoyed by tourists in exotic locations. It is a growing industry. They are a major source of economic growth.

To the economy by the year 2025, this segment will contribute Rs. 1 Trillion. In this regard, Tripfore, an emerging travel blog published an article in which they mentioned Pakistan is the best holiday destinations to visit in this year.

Similarly, several other websites and luxury travel magazines are mentioned Pakistan is a top destination which travel should visit in 2024. It indicates that travel and tourism industry will grow in Pakistan. So, try to explore some profitable travel and tourism business ideas and start in 2024.

11# Gaming Zone Business

More than 63% of the population of Pakistan comprises youth. Gaming is one of the most popular habits among the youth. The trend of gaming zones in Pakistan is at initial stages. A normal gaming zone business can start with a minimum investment of PKR 0.5 million.

If you can get 50 users daily, then the business will earn you more than 1.5 lakhs monthly. Before getting into this business, you should research properly about the popularity of games in the specific region.

For instance, in Lahore the most popular video games are FIFA and Need for Speed but in the capital Islamabad, Call of duty and watch dogs are in the hot list of the customers.

12# Restaurants

The people of Pakistan are fond of eating delicious food. From Lahore to Karachi, there are thousands of local and international food brands. The capital required to open your restaurant in Pakistan ranges from PKR 1 million to 2 million.

You should start by identifying your signature dish. After that, develop a menu and obtain required certifications from the provincial food authority. You can opt for fast food restaurants, family style restaurants or ice cream parlors.

13# Event Management Services

You can start your own event management business with minimal capital of PKR 3 lac to 6 lac. Before starting this business you should learn event planning skills.

You can do a job or internship in any event management company prior to starting this business. It will also help you to build your own connections. After gaining the experience, build your own company.

Use your connections to get the initial projects, finish your projects nicely and you will get more work. The events include weddings, corporate meetings, fundraising, sports events, fashion shows and much more. On average event planners charge 15-20 % of the total cost of the event as a part of their fees.

14# Fitness Center

The minimum capital required to open a small gym in Pakistan is PKR 1 million. Do proper planning and define your brand before starting your gym. If you manage to get 200 members then you can easily earn up to 1.5 lacs monthly.

You can also get a loan from the bank to start your own fitness center. You can open a small food center in the fitness center that sells smoothies and other healthy products. It will increase your revenue. The only issue with this business is the high initial cost.

15# Photography Business

It requires almost PKR 5 lac to start your own photography business. The quality photography equipment is notoriously expensive in Pakistan. You can cover different events like weddings, corporate functions, academic conferences and other events. All you need is a couple of good quality cameras.

You can also do photography courses from various institutions in Pakistan like National College of Arts (NCA), Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVSAA) and Karachi School of Art (KSA). You can also hire quality photographers and sell their photos on your website. It is a very profitable business.

16# Software House

The world is swiftly moving towards automation. The Information Technology (IT) revolution has taken place. Almost every business has its own website or mobile application.

In Pakistan, over 27 million people are smart phone users which is almost 14% of the total population and it is increasing exponentially. The business of software is booming all over the world. You can open your own software house and sell your software to international and local clients.

It is not necessary to have an IT background in order to open a software house. You can hire professionals and start the business. It requires almost PKR 3-5 lacs to start your own software house.

17# Book Store

Pakistan has a large young population. The trend of education in Pakistan is increasing day by day, especially in mega cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar and Faisalabad.

You can open your book shop in these cities and earn a good amount of money. The first step is to find the right place. If your shop is near any academy or school, the sales will increase dramatically.

You can also contract with educational institutes in your area. Organize your book well, give discounts and market your book store. It requires PKR 5- 10 lacs to open a quality book store in Pakistan.

18# eCommerce Business

eCommerce is the buying and selling of goods online. It is a great substitute to brick and mortar stores. You can get rid of monthly rents. In Pakistan, there is a great potential in this business. You can start your business with PKR 10 thousands too. It all depends upon the type of product you are selling.

For instant, Daraz is the biggest platform of ecommerce in Pakistan. You can also start your online business with your own website, Instagram page or Facebook page. In this regard, there are numbers of eCommerce business ideas you can pursue. For example, Costyo.pk is an online shopping website in Pakistan, apparel, shoes and many more similar startup ideas.

Recently Amazon has announced to add Pakistan in its seller list. It will open doors for ecommerce trading for Pakistanis.

19# Clothing Franchise

You can open your own clothing franchise brand. It all depends on the location of your shop. If your shop is in posh areas you can earn a large amount of profit. You can buy hand stitch local clothes from different villages and backward areas in Pakistan.

The outskirts of Faisalabad, Laiyah and Sukkur are famous for hand-stitched clothes. It requires PKR 1 million to start a quality boutique in Pakistan.

20# Security

In Pakistan, there are a lot of security issues. That’s why there is a huge potential in this business. You can supply security personnel to banks, restaurants and grocery shops. You will get your commission for each recruitment.

21# Cleaning Services

Cleaning is the demand of every house and commercial place in Pakistan. You can start your own cleaning services company with PKR 2-3 lacs investment. You can provide cleaners to different houses, offices and earn a good amount of money from it.

PS: Soon, we will share more best profitable business ideas in Pakistan which you can start with minimum capital. Keep visiting Startup Ideas. If you’d like to recommend any innovative startup idea in Pakistan, feel free to mention in comment box 🙂

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