How To Start An Online Business For Free


In this day and age, everything is online. Our shopping is done online. Our conversations are had online.

Our work is done online. Much of our lives are lived virtually and while experts and society-at-large will argue whether or not that is a good thing, one thing it is good for is the advent of new businesses that rely on the power of the internet to survive.

You, too, could be capitalizing on this new business space and starting your own online business. What business, you ask? Here are some suggestions.

6 Steps To Start An Online Business For Free

How To Start An Online Business For Free

1. Social Media Management

In an age where we’re all spending a lot more time on social media, individuals and companies find themselves strapped for time but not for content. They have lots of content but no time to pump it out to their followers.

That’s where you come in! If you’re adept at social media and understand how to use it effectively, companies will be flocking to hire you in droves. Your particular expertise will help them to reach more customers.

This can often be done initially on an as-and-when basis and turn into something a bit more long-term. If you want to sell yourself, spend your spare time creating some social media pages for your own business, or your friends, and start filling them up with content. It’s a great portfolio.

2. Online Tutoring

School has long-since gone majority-online in many parts of the world. This means that people who are struggling with their academic studies will be hankering for someone to tutor them. If you were particularly good at a particular school subject, say you excelled at mathematics.

Well, there are plenty of high school students who could use your expertise. Online tutoring can be arranged either on a per-hour or per-week basis, giving you flexibility. You can either find work online, or simply print off some paper flyers and put those up around your town and see what happens.

3. Video Tutorial Creation

A lot more people are doing a lot more watching nowadays than they are reading. You can say so much more, so much faster in a video clip.

If you think that you have a good narrative style and can tell a story well, then you should look into creating videos – whether they be a tutorial, or simply a lifestyle video, creating video content and putting it out there could lead to a significant income, providing you are consistent. If you don’t see yourself on video, you might consider a podcast instead.

4. Content Writing

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make some extra cash online is to do some content writing. This can be done via freelance writing websites, which allow you to bid on jobs and complete them, and get paid via PayPal.

Content writing can be pretty much any type of writing done for websites, whether that’s travel articles or technical copy. Whatever written web content you can think of – a content writer was paid to do that work. If you can string together a few sentences, you could be too!

5. Technology Associate

If you have a flair for technology and are familiar with the minutiae that most people are not, consider taking a dive into the tech field.

If you feel like you’re a leader and think you’d be a good fit for a company, don’t hesitate to put your resume in for positions like a freelance project manager.

But if you prefer to stay on your own, a great option for you, if you’re tech-savvy, is to go into remote computer repair services. Transition your in-house, on-bench tech skills to the web and help people fix their software problems.

6. Web Designer

If you love computers but have no idea how to fix them, you could look into web design instead. These days, there are so many different platforms available for website creation that you no longer need to understand coding to design something amazing.

Web design is fun and allows you to get creative. You could tie writing into the role as well, and become a one-stop-shop for websites.

Summing Up

No matter what your online acumen, there are many, many avenues for you to explore if you wish to create an online business.

The best part about online businesses is that the overheads are usually relatively small or non-existent, which means that apart from your time, it’s all profit, profit, profit!

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Author: Luke Fitzpatrick