50 Best Business Blogs That Accept Guest Posts


Looking for best business blogs which accept guest posts? Now stop looking search engine results and web pages. Take a look at the article below and visit the blogs to post your guest posts.

What is Guest Post?

Guest Posting is a practice of writing a blog post for another website or blog. In return, you may expect author bio along with sweet backlink(s) toward your website.

Guest blogging is considered a very famous marketing strategy for the blogs and business websites whose domains are alike. But for this, some efforts are required like you need to search the best guest posting sites where you can post your articles or blogs as a guest author.

This entire practice requires effort by the author, as he needs to look for the websites which will accept his contribution.

Why Guest Posting is Important?

These days writing a guest post is considered among the best ways to bring internet traffic towards your website. These guest posts should be engaging which will lead the readers to your website in an interesting way.

It is true that there are number of advantages of blogging as guest post. First and fore most benefit is back linking. It is an efficient way to divert the traffic towards the author’s website and can be placed easily anywhere in the article.

Through guest posting, many of the business websites and blogs establish good domain authority and create brand awareness. Even you have newly entered in the market, through some of the posts guest posted on weightage websites can bring you the target audience.

While building up the linking, you must create an excel sheet where you can list down the link with your web page and an anchor text. This fasten the process of guest blogging. The content should be made in such a way that your products are introduced to the desired customer and awareness is also increased.

Here is the list of best business blogs that accept guest posts in terms of domain authority, page authority, domain rating and trust flow. The screening process is very strict by the websites whose domain authority is high.

Best Business Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

50 Best Business Blogs That Accept guest Posts

1# Forbes

Forbes is one of the best and leading business blogs that accept guest posts. Here you can submit your guest posts in business, investments and technology niche.

2# Business Insider

In the list of best guest blogging sites, Business Insider is one of them. You can submit your guest blog here for business, media and technology niche.

3# Survey Monkey Blog

As you know, business blogs involve startup advice, how to guides, financing, business management and marketing. Survey Monkey Blog is another good blog for guest posting. It is all about small businesses and public poll.

4# Entrepreneur

As the name suggest. Entrepreneur.com is all about entrepreneurship. But they also accept blogs from outside authors in technology niche.

5# Harvard Business Review

It is about leadership and management of business

6# Fast Company

For business and technology

7# Hub Spot

It is the blog about marketing and sales

8# Venture Beat

Associated with business and technology

9# Seeking Alpha

About investment in market

10# Kissmetrics

Relation of market with customer service

11# Contentrally

Includes news about social media and business

12# MarketingProfs

About business and marketing

13# Business to Community

As the name suggest, it is actually a business community blog where people love to share business techniques and tips for beginners.

14# Benzinga

Related to investment

15# All business

Includes investment, sales and technology.

16# Data and marketing association

Sharing tips pertaining to Management of data.

17# CoShedule

All about marketing and productivity.

18# Investing.com

Investing is one of the main branches of business. Here you can discuss and share your expertise on investing.

19# SiteProNews

All about business

20# Bplans

They prefer to publish business plans contents.

21# Business Opportunities

They regularly share lucrative business opportunities for their readers.

22# CustomerThink.com

It is a customer centric blog. Here you can publish contents pertaining managing the relationship with the customer

23# Wise Bread

Shopping in a given budget

24# BizSugar

About small businesses

25# Dlvr.it

Growth of the business

26# Startup Grind

27# Startup Nation

Related to management and growth of startup

28# Killer Startup

Updates related to the startups

29# Accounting Webs

Do you want to share your accounting tips with this website audience? This blog would be great place for you to write a guest post.

30# Training Zone

All about journalism and digital media.

31# My Corporation

It is about the services provided by the registered agents.

32# My Customer

33# Alley Watch

Its about technology and business startup

34# Creately

About entrepreneurship

35# inc42:

Tech startups in India

36# Mashable

Mashable is primarily a technology blog but they also share business tips, and regular write about digital and social media.

37# Tweak your Biz

It is the community of online businesses

38# HR Zone

39# GetResponse

It is about digital marketing

40# Young Upstarts

41# StartUp Bros

42# Organized Assistant

It is about web designing

43# Small Business Bonfire

44# E Secrets

It tells about business ideas

45# Better Lemonade Stand

Tells about E-commerce

46# Return Customer

47# Careermetis.com

They share actionable tips for job seekers. You can write blogs here and help people who are looking for jobs.

48# Frugal Entrepreneur

49# Opportunities Planet

Online business

50# Growing your Biz

51# Fincyte.com

You can publish your guest post in business and technology niche.

52# OnYourDesks.com

This is relatively a new blog focuses on latest technology, productivity and startup trends.

Wrapping Up

The best part of guest posting is that you can post without any limit. But if you are looking for productive results so do post on different blogs and websites. Keep tracking the strategies you are using while posting. Monitor the growth and your subscribers.

Last but not the least, be responsive and engaging in comments. It will build connection with your customer or audience. It will the gateway towards your website.

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