15 Best Agriculture Business Ideas 2023


Starting and running a new business venture is a tough job. In last previous years, some new startup shut down. The one of the disturbing reasons of failure was picking an unrealistic business idea.

World Bank report states that the worth of agriculture businesses were $5 trillion in 2017. With the increasing population, the demand of food is also increasing day by day. Therefore, the agribusiness is considered as one of the most profitable businesses in the upcoming years.

So, if you want to invest money in this sector, then you should be familiar with various niches of agriculture sector. Here, we are enlisting money making agriculture business ideas which are not only profitable but can be started with minimal investments in 2023.

15 Best Agriculture Business Ideas 2023

1# Honey Processing Business

Honey Processing

Honey production is one of the best agriculture business ideas. To start this business startup, you don’t need a big investment. You can start from your home with a small setup.

Once honey is produced, you can sell your own because everyone tries to find pure and 100% genuine honey.

For honey processing, you can set a manual system or electrically driven and can extend your business at an international level.

2# Flour Milling

Well, the necessary component of our dirt flour needs of everyone. It is one of the profitable farming business 2023 in which you start converting grains such as wheat, corns, millet, and cassava into flour.

As you know, wheat production is in demand in the local market and in the baking industry. Even though this business could be started from a small space and expands at large-scale. After setting a flour milling plant. You can process wheat, brown, whole wheat flour, etc.

3# Groundnut Oil Production

Nowadays, edible oils have become popular in the market, and people love to buy edible oils from the local market.

Many production units are established around them; therefore, groundnut oil processing is one of the high profitable agriculture business of 2023.

Edible oils are high in demand because it has several health benefits which we get from groundnut oils.

4# Urban Agriculture & Crop Cultivation

Agriculture Business Ideas

Urban agriculture means cultivating, processing and distributing food in near places of town and cities. In Urban agriculture, different options are available such as animal husbandry, aquaculture, horticulture, and many more.

It plays an important role in food security and food safety in two different ways, such as increases the amount of food and allows fresh fruits and vegetables to urban consumers.

5# Livestock Feed Production


Let’s talk about another agriculture business for 2023, which is livestock feed production. In livestock farming, fish farming, poultry farming, and some other farming are included.

There is a high demand for livestock food from livestock farmers, which is the right mixing formula that provides the right food and food supplementary product for their farm business.

For this, you have to need a grinding machine, mixing machines and customized packaging bags and raw materials for production. You need ingredients like maize, soybeans, fishbone, groundnut, wheat, rice, shaft, additives, etc.

6# Pickle Making

agriculture business ideas
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In the domestic market, pickle making is another business idea for 2023. It will be more profitable if you have your own landing and grow different fruits and vegetables.

There are different types of pickles produced, such as mango, carrot, lemon, etc. and you can expand this business.

7# Vermicompost Pproducts

One of a profitable agri-based business idea which is required for the good quality vermicompost products.

This farm business could be started from your backyard and can extend by an effective marketing plan.

8# Organic Farming

Organic Farming

In organic farming, you produce crops and livestock feed without using pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, and growth hormones.

People are curious about healthy food nowadays; therefore, organic production offers much growth potential and remains a largely untapped market.

For that purpose, you can sell these products through retail stores and e-commerce platforms.

9# Fish Farming

Fish Farming

Food business always remains successful when it is done well.

Moreover, to fulfill protein requirements, fish is one of the best options as low cholesterol fat. Therefore, fish farming is the best agriculture business if you have the right structure for it.

You can start by a small space, buy or construct tanks, buy small fishes and feed them 4 to 6 months. You keep a variety of fishes in which Catfish, trout, tofu, salmon are included and then sell as per the requirement.

10# Dal Milling

Dal milling is a massive profit-making business, which is also the protein source after meat.

There is a wide variety of pulses, and for that purpose, a dal milling plant is needed. You can set this and sell it by conventional processing.

11# Fertilizer Distribution Venture

Farming is a little bit difficult profession, but if you do with passion, it will definitely pay off. In 2021, you can start the agriculture business by providing products that are essential for farming, such as fertilizers.

Almost 40 to 50 pounds fertilizer used per acre for each planting season. For this business, you just need legal permission to undertake this venture. If you start this year, it will be a prospect business in the next five years.

12# Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

Now the chicken is mostly consumed instead of red meat. Poultry is one of the most growing agriculture businesses because the eggs are cheaper sources of protein.

Therefore, poultry farming has become a techno-commercial industry with time. So that’s a great and fast-growing business idea of 2023.

No matter which country you live even in the United States, you can start poultry farming because, according to a report, the egg consumption will high 50 percent this year. According to an estimation, egg consumption will increase in the next five years in the United States.

13# Dairy Farming

Dairy farming considers the labor-intensive business that could be started by small capital investment. You can expand this as you want. To start this business, you need to purchase the animals and develop the farm according to modern rearing approaches.

Pure milk is the need of every house so you can sell in urban areas where people are unable to get fresh milk.

14# Hydroponics Farming

Here comes another fast-growing and best agriculture business idea, which is Hydroponic farming. In this, you grow crops with nutrient-rich water in contact with plant roots.

This process also reduces the risk of wastage and pollution, which are harmful to humans and cause disease. You can start this from a small landing area and can increase the plant rate of 25% of a well-designed garden.

15# Mushroom Farming

Mushroom Farming

Mushroom is easy to cultivate and can grow in the wild. It is also feasible for warm weather, and this business grows by knowing which mushroom strain to cultivate and how its production maximizes.

Gourmet mushrooms are the most cultivated and purchasing mushrooms in which shiitake and oyster included. It takes just six weeks to grow and ready for sold.

Bottom Line

The agriculture industry has become a crucial industry because farmers are the largest producers and exporters for agriculture products in the world.

It is expecting that the human population expected to grow 9.7 billion by 2050, and there will be more need of farmers.

So, therefore, we listed the best agriculture business ideas of 2021 that can help you to achieve a profitable business. Well, if you want to know any other agriculture business ideas, you can ask us in the comment.

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