10 Best Small Business Ideas in USA 2020


United States is one of the best countries to start a business. If you are looking for best small business ideas in USA or profitable business opportunities in 2020, then look no more. We are going to list best startup ideas in United States which you can consider this year.

Best Small Business Ideas in USA

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1# Cyber Security Software

In the USA, small businesses are facing cybersecurity threats and issues. It’s easy for attackers to target small businesses because they don’t have a powerful technological defense.

500 employees in small businesses lose $2.5 million per attack. If a person develops a cybersecurity software than 98% of small businesses in the USA can be saved.

2# Handyman Service

Handyman service is a highly profitable business. This service is provided to both house owners and commercial clients.

The market size of this service is $4.9bn in 2020. One can provide air conditioning services, changing a light fixture, window making, and antique furniture refurbishing, etc. This industry has low revenue volatility and that is a positive factor.

3# Outpatient Centers

Patients receive care in these centers and often return home the same day by doctors. 15.9 percent is the net margin for this business. Outpatient treatment cost is $15,000.

If you open an outpatient care center, then this business provides a steady stream of revenue.

4# Storage And Warehouse Facility

In bigger cities like New York and others in the USA, there is an essential need for storage facilities. Storage and warehouse net profit margin is 11.6 percent in the USA. A person can open a warehouse and storage facility and can also give the warehouse on rent.

5# Food Truck

In the USA, food trucks are a trend and there are more than 4,000 food trucks. This food truck industry cost $1.2 billion. Starting the business of food trucks requires $30,000 in the USA. Food trucks have Point of Sale (POS) technology that can track customers. The food truck business is considered as a low-cost option.

6# Childcare Business

Mostly in the USA, working parent’s important concern is the child’s safety and that purpose is served by daycare centers.

The market size of this industry is $56.5bn in 2020 and is expected to increase by 1.7%. A person can open a child care center and also teach the children some good and informative things.

7# Accounting

Accounting services provide significant potential. Net profit for accounting services is 18.3 percent in the USA.

One can start an accounting service agency and can offer services like bookkeeping, make financial statements, balance sheets and do financial planning, etc. 

8# Wood Working Business

Wood items are high in demand in the USA. From wood items, one can make decorations and gifts. Homebuilders also use woodworking machinery in the construction process. The woodworking market size increases by 2% in 2020.

Consequently, starting a business related to woods requires a lot of planning, research, and knowledge of business management.

9# Party Services

In the USA, the party service industry is very profitable. It has significant earning potential. The market size of this sector is $5.4bn in 2020.  One can start this business by arranging birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, etc.

10# Phone Case Business

Top-selling mobile phone accessory is phone cases. Smartphone users in the world are around 2.5 billion.

79% of users in the USA use protective cases for their smartphones. It is estimated that overall 186 million customers in America use protective smartphone cases. One can sell handmade phone cases in the market.

PS: Soon, we will share more profitable small business ideas in USA in 2020. Keep visiting Startup Ideas.

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