19 Best Small Business Ideas in Turkey 2024


Are you searching for best small business ideas in Turkey in 2024? Look no more.

We are going to share best business opportunities and startup ideas in Turkey which you can consider in 2024.

Best Small Business Ideas in Turkey

best small business ideas in Turkey

1# Tour Guide

The enormous growth in tourism is shown in Turkey in recent years. USD 7.89 billion is Turkey’s tourism revenue. It is the sixth most visited place in the world.

There are many heritage sites so becoming a tour guide is a good option in Turkey. This business requires very little startup cost.

2# Hazelnut Exportation

Hazelnut grows in a huge amount in Turkey. Turkey is involved in 80% of hazelnut exportation.

One can start this business by identifying countries that need this nut and then start negotiating with them.

3# Hair Transplant Clinic

One of the most profitable sectors in Turkey is Healthcare. Hair transplant operations are common in Turkey. $1,700 and $2,000 is the hair transplant cost. Therefore, it is done at a very reasonable cost.

One should establish a hair transplant clinic in Turkey if one has the qualification and investment.

4# Vehicle Parts

As Turkey has a great population, so the majority of them own cars. The CAGR of over 3% by 2020 growth is shown in the automobile market in Turkey, so also the demand for vehicle parts increases.

You can start a vehicle parts business and either import or manufacture the spare parts.

5# Agriculture

The most important sector is agriculture in Turkey. 23% of the Turkish economy depends on agriculture.

As the government in Turkey views this sector as the strategic industry, so entering this business shows enormous potential. You need a business plan and knowledge of the taxation system in Turkey.

6# eCommerce

Turkey is considered as the e-commerce center because it offers flexibility in this business. US$10,657m is the revenue generated in 2020 by the e-commerce market in Turkey. By setting an e-commerce company, one can start selling services and goods online.

7# Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are in high demand in Turkey. The cleaning hourly rate is 25TL in Turkey. Foreigners often visit this place, so it must be kept clean.

Cleaning is done on a commercial and residential basis. The cleaning service business generated a good profit in Turkey.

8# Textile Industry

Turkey is the most important textile industry. It consists of 10 percent of the GDP. In Turkey, the total employment is based on 20%.

For starting a textile business, you need to find a distributor for your clothing, suppliers, etc. You can also export your textiles to different countries.

9# Natural Stones

The fourth-largest producer of natural stones is Turkey. It is situated on the Alpine Belt, where marble deposits are found. 40% of marble is owned by Turkey.

It also produces marble, travertine, limestone, slate, basalt, onyx, etc. One can start a natural stone business in Turkey. You need new technologies, an abundance of raw materials, etc.

10# Petrochemical Business

One of the profitable businesses booming in Turkey is about petrochemical. The petrochemical industry managed to sustain growth and thus reaches about 2.9 million tons/year.

As you gain experience and exposure, you can expand this business to a large scale. You can deal with raw materials, finished goods, etc.

11# Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse farming is one of the very valid startup ideas in Turkey. Greenhouse farming is a kind of farming that is carried out in a tent or hut-like structure where you can regulate temperature, irrigation water and soil etc.,

It provides a good business opportunity in a country like Turkey where agriculture plays a vital role in its economy.

12# Automobile Parts Selling

Selling automobile parts is a profitable business idea in Turkey. Turkey has a big and growing automobile industry.

Manufacturing different auto parts on a small scale and their marketing can prove to be a good income generation project.

70% of automobile parts manufacturers in Turkey are small or medium enterprises.

13# Salt Production

Turkey is one of the major salt-producing countries in the world. You can install a small unit of salt refining and processing and supply the salt in local as well as the international market. It is a great lucrative small business idea in turkey.

14# Financial Consultancy

Financial Consultancy is one of the great start-up ideas in Turkey because the Turkish economy is in significant growth which has necessitated a tangible absorption of financial consultants and advisors.

If you have educational background in business management and some experience and practical knowledge of constructing a comprehensive business plan, formulating a business expansion outline and expertise in exploring lucrative business areas, you may prove yourself an eligible financial advisor in the market with a handsome return on your capabilities for enabling businessmen to evolve and run a successful business.

15# Car Rental

Car rental service is one of the great small business ideas in Turkey. Millions of tourists visit Turkey every year for its grand historic places and tourist attraction sites.

You can start your own rental car business with only a single car of your own and promote your business by introducing yourself by visiting different hotels and restaurants.

16# Pet Sitting

Turkey is a part of Europe and a large part of its population is pet-lover which makes the pet sitting business a great startup idea in Turkey.

If you are a pet lover too, you are quite fit for starting a pet care, pet walking, and pet training centre. It would produce for you a happy source of income.

17# Construction Business

The total volume of the Turkish Construction Industry is about $230 billion with rapid annual growth of 10-20%. There is a large variety of employment and work opportunities with  medium startup capital, as well. You can join this rich business and start earning at an entry level.

18# Translator

Millions of foreigners visit Turkey every year as tourists, businessmen, students, etc. Most of the Turkish people can speak and understand the Turkish language only while the foreigners have to communicate in English.

If you have a reasonable command over both Turkish and English languages you can make a handsome earning as a translator for foreigners and Turkish People.

19# Web Designing

Websites are playing a key role in the growth and development of businesses in the modern digital world. Most of the businessmen in Turkey are interested in the promotion of their products by hunting customers through their websites.

Designing websites in consonance with the needs and preferences of the businessmen and making them user and SEO friendly makes Web designing business a truly profitable and a great earning business venture.

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