18 Best Small Business Ideas in UK


UK is a best place to start a startup business. If you are looking for best small business ideas in UK, then look no more.

We are going to list some of the best small business opportunities in United Kingdom which you can consider in 2021 and 2022.

Best Small Business Ideas in UK

small business ideas in UK

1# Consultancy

Consultancy business is a great choice for people who have the ability of networking and they love to meet new people. Consultancy can be done from home also.

The consultancy business in the UK grows by 7% to £10.6 billion. The setup cost of consultancy is small. You must decide on the name and get some insurance. A person can become a freelance consultant.

2# Street Food

Street food is growing rapidly in the UK. Street food business can be managed for less than £5,000.

Without any background in catering, if you have an interest in cooking, you can start your own street food business. Therefore, just you need a van, a small shop and a card machine for payment from customers.

3# Personal Trainer

In the UK, health and fitness are given immense importance. The personal trainer’s job is to motivate their client for physical fitness and teach them how to use fitness equipment.

£20 to £100 an hour is the cost of a personal trainer. You can become a personal trainer if you are a fitness freak. You should get a Level 2 certificate in the UK to become a personal trainer. One can open his or her own fitness studio.

4# Real Estate

A huge business in the UK is of the property. This sector’s worth is £1.662bn. Real estate is contributed by 7% GDP.

Owning a real estate agency is also a good option. Property business can give you a high income. You can also have a property joint venture with someone else or can start renting your own property.

5# Interior Designing

Interior designing is a lucrative business in the UK. You can have your own designing store.  Interior design in the UK market reaches 1.9%.

One can enter this business by renovating and creating new interior designs for others. Interior designing is expected to show a positive outlook.

6# Selling Home Made Products

If you are creative then you can sell products online in the UK. One can sell natural, herbal and cosmetic products online.

The cosmetic market in the UK will be rising to 21.8 billion dollars by 2024. There are many online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, etc.

You can start your own e-commerce website or either sell products like pots, sculptures, wearables, etc. All you need is a domain name, web host, website design, SSL certificates, shopping cart, and Woo-commerce plugin.

7# Manufacturing

The UK is the ninth largest manufacturing nation. To the global economy, this sector contributes to £6.7 trillion. Manufacturing in the UK is 25% of GDP.

You can start a business in automation and technology; you can make an investment in R&D. Thus, the UK is considered an integrated global economy.

8# Content Writing

The content writing business is a profitable one if you have a flair for writing. As your own writing service, you can charge customers around £15 to £60.

You can start your content writing business online or writing agency and can make your own writing website.

9# Smartwatches Business

Smartwatch’s business has a huge potential in the UK. $53.2 billion of sales revenue is expected in 2020.

With the smartwatches, one can search the internet, tracking location with GPS, and also it can monitor the heart rate. You can open a smartwatch store or can sell online.

10# Cleaning Business

In the UK, people can start either domestic cleaning business or commercial cleaning business. You can buy equipment like equipment trolleys of £200, vacuum cleaner from £57, etc.

The cleaning business can be started with the options for window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and house cleaning services, etc.

11# Herb Farming

Herb farming on a commercial basis is an act of growing different types of herbs and selling them in the market. It is a popular small-scale business in the UK. Herbs are used as medicinal substances and are used in cooking, soaps, aromatic oils, etc.

Herbs can be grown on a small scale, as well. A few square yards in your home may be reserved for a low-cost startup.

12# Data Entry

Data entry online is a great home-based job. Hundreds and thousands of businesses are producing piles and piles of data every day that needs to be stored. If you have an accurate and very fast speed of data entry, you can easily start online work. It may be low-paying in the start but if you show your worth you may be paid well.

Data entry can be started without or with a very low cost as a home-based small-scale business.

13# Gardening Service

If you are active and efficient you can start providing gardening services. It is a great business. It keeps you active and close to nature. You can also enjoy it. However, you have to be ready for morning and week-ends works and manual labor.

For starting the business of providing gardening service, you have to buy proper tools and equipment for carrying out your work efficiently and smoothly.

Gardening is a small-scale business that can be started at a low cost.

14# Web Consultant

Webs designing and offering its maintenance service is a great rewarding business. In the digital world, there is a revolutionary trend to put businesses online. Having own website, marketing, and selling goods online facilitates attracting new customers and multiplying revenue generation.

If you have expertise and skills, you can start your business of web development, a game-changer in your life.

15#  Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning service is a profitable business idea in the UK. A carpet is a costly decoration piece in a home or an office. Everybody likes it if it looks gorgeous. People want its perfect and professional service.

If you are hardworking and have the expertise and skills to make a dirty and rough clean, quite neat and attractive, you can run this business well. However, you must have a carpet cleaning machine or other relevant equipment that may help you in your work.

16# Medical Billing

Medical billing is a process of taking codes prepared by the medical coders and submitting claims to the insurance company. A medical biller establishes a liaison with the medical office and the insurance company. He ensures that the patient is billed correctly and timely. He also safeguards payments made to the medical office.

Although certified persons are required for medical decoding, you can learn its basics online and start your work. There are great opportunities to work online too as a medical biller.

17# Baby Sitting

Baby Sitting is a lucrative business in the UK. Babysitting service is like a compulsion for the working class.

At the initial stage, you can start this lucrative business at your home and gathering some experience you can start an organized daycare center for a greater return on your hard work.

It is a well-paid job and you can earn between £8 to £12. In a city like London, hourly babysitting charges are up to £15 to £20.

18# Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast is common at places related to the areas adjoining tourist points in the UK. You can start it after making some addition/alternations and improvements in your house. You have to apply to your local planning office only if you are interested to use more than two rooms of your house for B&B business. The B&B owners, sometimes called innkeepers, provide the guests homelike environment with basic facilities and breakfast.

It is a very profitable business idea in the UK. B&B owners enjoy up to 60% of their income as profit from their business.

PS: Soon, we will share more profitable startup ideas in UK with you. So, keep visiting Startup Ideas.

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