How To Become A Freelance Writer?


Ever came around a writer and thought how can you sit all day on the same sofa and stare at the screen for hours? Sounds pretty easy right? Just sitting and eating doing work, but once you come into the void you will see it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You can easily get a freelancing job because there are millions of businesses and fellow entrepreneurs, constantly on the lookout for skilled freelance writers to work on their websites, blogs, and social media accounts. The Real work starts after that.

How To Become A Freelance Writer?

How To Become A Freelance Writer

Now, this is one tricky question, you ask five different people how to become one and you’ll get five different answers. You’ll hear all different stories on how they started or how you should start.

Or what is the right way to step into this field and start your work. “When you become a freelance writer, you’re not just taking on one role, you have to become everything yourself, the manager, accountant, the CEO, client manager, freelancing is a business.

1. Get Proper Education

Proper education does not mean that you have to get a degree to become a freelance writer. But there are some basics that you should know before starting freelance writing because it is not as easy as you think if you want to produce trademark work and have expertise in your field.

Getting a degree is pretty hard these days because education is not accessible to everyone. You can simply get an online writing course; they are more feasible and less time taking also you will be able to carry on while doing your job or on weekends whatever is suitable to you.

If you plan on getting a bachelor’s degree or get college admission, then you should go for the English major, other than that journalism, communications and creative writing majors will also be helpful for people looking for freelance writer jobs or freelancing writing.

Any field that is related to humanities can be of an advantage since it enhances your writing and speaking ability and most importantly communication.  And while doing your college you can also go for small part-time jobs to stay in the form.

If you are already done with your bachelors’ degree then you can opt for graduation or more specifically, a master’s of fine arts. The extra cost will not promise you to work down the line, but in case you’re now managing understudy loans, you could simply be making it worse. On account of freelancing, it’s more about experience and practice than the extravagant lifestyle.

Luckily, in case you’re longing to return to class, you don’t need to go bankrupt to do it. Numerous Masters, Masters in Fine Arts, and Ph.D. programs accompany educational cost waivers, if you instruct, or help with instructing, various student classes while you study. You can likewise look for scholarships, grants, and different type of loan free financial guide in case you’re very much enthusiastic.

2. Start From The Bottom

You cannot reach the top while standing at the bottom. There is a truckload of freelancers and Paid Online Writing jobs out there.  If you just have command over language and some skills then you can easily get benefits and a job as well.

And for that, you do not have to be skilled in everything rather specialize in a particular field of work. The more specific you can be, the better it is for you. You will discover yourself in a completely new way, you will see yourself doing things you have never thought of doing before. Eventually, you will discover a changed you.

Of course, practice makes a man perfect. However little money it is working and enhancing your skills will help you in near future or when you get a proper job.

3. Exhibit Your Work

Go to the websites specified for freelancers or content writers and display your work and your freelancer resume there. For that, you need to show your ability and creativity that catches the reader’s attention. Quality of work and presentation of skills is the most important things for editors to consider your work.

These days starting a blog or posting your work on social websites can also give you attention and viewership. Lots of people are doing social media content writing these days. Or you can make a website and showcase your work over there.

Give time to marketing, set up a certain time to upload and update your work increase your fan following so that your work can reach more people. It will help you in the future for sure.

4. Arrange A Nexus

Writers are supposed to be introverts? That may be true for the eighteenth-century writers but now a day’s that’s just a myth. These days it is very important to communicate and make connections. Because you never know where your friends or a person from family or neighborhood can land you a job or refer you to a reputable editor or a freelancer.

The twenty-first century is all about communication which is right here in our hands. Even though you are getting a lot of work constantly, but you never know when the supply is going to get slow or maybe you stop getting work.

Or the client has found some other freelancer etc. it is not just about getting new clients but keeping up with your currently existing clients as well.

5. Look For A Reliable Client

There is a lot of scam going out in the online world. Now a day’s almost every business is depending on online transactions and payments. There is an easy way for that, start making and updating the invoice every time you produce work.  There is a stack of online payment options for you to choose from.

Also, there are so many invoice generator tools and apps on the Playstore specifically designed for freelancers and are easy to use and operate as well. It is usually said that the bigger the company name, the worst they turn out to be. Also, small jobs can emerge as a stepping stone toward better opportunities.

Scrutinize the payment terms of the bigger companies and see if you can work with them because they are often strictly immovable and monthly, or for longer periods.” Also, they can entangle you with multiple people to deal with and that can land you in some trouble for yourself. Watch out!

6. Be Ready For The Discouragement

Being a freelancer does not mean that you work in a globally recognized magazine and your writings are published in 8 different languages across the world. This field requires a lot of hard work along with so many difficulties and hurdles coming along your way every time you bring out a piece of work.

There are much struggle and research to write an article and sometimes the freelance writer only does it for the sake of paying their bills. Because doing freelancing will not guarantee you a steady and reliable income, well no job does but Make as much money as you can while you are at it even if you do it for fun that can help you get more and more expert over time. Start from the bottom and then as your skills improve you can go for more reliable firms and level up constantly.

Don’t consider critical feedback as a weakness; take that as a push forward, the first step onto those long stairs of success you have to climb. Improve yourself every time you present work.

7. Be Ready For Unforeseen Circumstances

Freelance writing can be a total pain in the neck. Sitting at your most comfortable spot for four hours straight can make it uncomfortable for you. Eat. Sit. Write. This is the mantra for working as a content writer.

Also with this small and unreliable freelancer writer salary, it is kind of hard to manage a household especially if you are the sole income generator. The beginners and people who have parents support do not have to worry about these so much. Because there are hard times and they are not so hard times also there are good times.

So, save up as much as you can for them on rainy days.  It will go worse before it gets better. You’ll go berserk before you get comfortable with everything around you. But don’t worry, it’ll get better: stay strong

Like the designer, James Stone says “The work you are doing now is likely your wages in three months. So don’t think that just because you have a buffer now that you can relax. Because in three months, you’ll have a shortfall.”

8. Save Your Energy

Freelance writer jobs or freelancing writing can prove to be lethargic, both mentally and physically. If you are getting lots of work it means you will have to do a lot of sitting, writing, and brainstorming.

Take care of your health, suppose yourself as an employee. Me time is important your brain needs rest as well as your eyes. Allow yourself slow days, duvet days, sick leave, and time to meditate. Go on a holiday! Learn to take a break from your work whenever you feel like.”

You don’t have to work on your desk all the time, take your writing essentials and go to a park or the beach or lakeside and give your brain recharge and breath and yourself some change of environment.

No matter how much of a reserved and self-absorbed person you are, working from the same space all the time will get you feeling alone and abandoned which is bad for your health. Go see some friends or take out time for face time, chat with your loved ones, socialize with your fans, and following.

9. Freelance Writing Business

If you are running a freelance writing business you will have to manage loads of content and articles, incoming and outgoing payment records, receipts, finance, and budgeting, etc. for that there are so many applications and software’s that can help you with and you can access them on several devices, even when you are on the go. Making it as easy for you as it can get.

All in all, it is not easy to become a freelance writer; you have to put your blood and sweat. Lots of dedication, inquisitiveness, and being thickly skinned towards rejection.

Nonetheless, in the end, it is worth every penny to talk to thousands even millions of people in your unique way. Hope this article helped you. Lots of good luck!

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