10 Best Small Business Ideas in Japan 2020


Are you looking for profitable small business ideas in Japan? Look no more. We are going to list some of the best small business opportunities in Japan which you can start with minimum capital.

Best Small Business Ideas in Japan

best small business ideas in Japan

1# Biotech Company

One enterprise that will really achieve success is of Biotech Company in Japan.  Fields like medicine, agriculture, and pharmacy want biotech companies.

Japan covers 11% of the biotech sector. You can begin this commercial enterprise with a minimal start-up cost. It helps in crop cultivation and rearing of animals, birds, etc.

2# Virtual Call Center

This center monitor all calls from around the world and a call center representative will answer all the queries of customers.

In 2020, call center sales reach 982 billion Japanese yen. This business started with a low cost and can be set up quickly without much hassle. You need a virtual line phone system, computer, printer, and fax, etc.

3# Herbal Medicine

In Japan, more and more people are considering herbal medicine. The cost of herbal medicine in Japan is approximately 2,494 yen.

Setting up an herbal medicine business is highly rewarding and requires very little cost. You can sell herbal medicines in the form of capsules, dietary supplements, teas, dried plants, etc.

4# Biodiesel Company

To start a green energy business in Japan, you can start a biodiesel company. Biodiesel fuel amounts to about 5000kl. Biodiesel is a good business option because it won’t pollute the environment. It is produced from soya bean oil, vegetable oil, etc.

5# Import And Export

Japan is one country that has everything that a person wishes. Japan’s exports are 55.4 USD and imports are 57.5 USD bn.

An import and export business can be started. You have a variety of options related to import and export like clothing, cars, furniture, food items, etc.

6# Online Shopping

Japan is popular for online shopping. US$99,130m in 2020 is the revenue generated by the online e-commerce market.

You can start a business with good prospects if you provide quality items to the customers. You should update your inventory regularly and contact with manufacturers to sell the products to your store.

7# Car Modification Business

Japan is considered the hub of cars. Japan recorded 360,103.0 units of car sales in Jan 2020. You can enter this business by modifying the cars and replacing some parts of it according to customer requirements. You can replace the engine, sound system, etc. Therefore, you need capital investment and careful planning to start this business.

8# Courier Service

In Japan, you can start a courier service business. 99.6% of Japan’s exports and imports are through seas and 0.4% by air. It can be combined delivered through air, land or sea.

You can courier the parcels, documents, packages, etc. It is a profitable business with immense growth opportunities.

9# Engineering Consulting Business

In Japan, if you have experience in the engineering field, then you open an engineering consulting firm. 249,600 yen is the land price if you purchase it to make an engineering firm.

Through this company, you can provide solutions for engineering-related problems and can work with the best and top clients.

10# Fire Safety Equipment

Manufacturing fire safety equipment is a huge market in Japan. The market for fire extinguishers is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.9% worldwide.

One can start fire safety equipment company and manufacture devices like sprinklers, fire blanket, fire signage, fire hose reels, fire extinguishers, and fire alarm, etc.

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