10 Best Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh 2020


Planning to start a small business in Bangladesh? Great!

We are going to list best small business ideas in Bangladesh which you can start with no to little investment.

Best Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh

best small business ideas in Bangladesh

1# Coffee Shop

From roasted coffee beans, the coffee is prepared. The cost of coffee is around 585 BDT. The coffee shop is a suitable business to start in Bangladesh because there are only a few shops selling coffee.

One needs to find a suitable location for this business and a suitable supplier for your business.

2# Book Store

The book store is a profitable business in Bangladesh. Bangladesh needs 4,085,740 textbooks in a year.

If you love to read books, then it’s a good option to enter this business and open your own book store. You can keep academic books, storybooks, novels and can provide stationery items as well. This business has a good profit margin.

3# Fashion House

The fashion house is high in demand business in Bangladesh. This business requires a minimum investment of 1000000 BDT.

A good and well-structured business plan is required to start this business. You can either open instore or an online shop.

4# Restaurant Business

The restaurant business is always in demand. In Bangladesh, 20% of restaurants are making a good profit.

You need to enter this business with a nice location, a suitable menu, a good business plan, and a beautiful ambiance.

5# Gift Shop

On occasions like birthdays, weddings, people often buy gifts. You can open a budget gift shop that can be affordable by everyone.

The cost will be 1-99 BDT. As people buy more from a budget shop, in this manner, you gain more profit.

6# Web Development Business

Making a website is a profitable business. In Bangladesh, a website developer earns 49,500 BDT per month.

All a person needs is a laptop or a desktop computer, web developer skills, etc. It doesn’t need that much investment. You can also open a web development company.

7# Organic Food

In Bangladesh, people are more concerned about their health. Therefore, they prefer to buy organic food. Organic farming creates 50% of employment.

You can start this business by owning an area of cultivation and then start organic gardening or organic farming. This business provides a huge profit.

8# Cosmetics shop

Cosmetic business is increasing rapidly in Bangladesh. 35% to 40% can be earned from a cosmetic shop.

These business customers are mostly girls so you must take care of their needs and style. In order to gain more profit and to increase sales, you can open an online shop also.

9# Dairy farming

Dairy farming is important in the farming business. People in Bangladesh are earning 500 BDT from this business. It imports 0.11 million tons of milk. This business is a profitable and long term business.

You must have many cattle as you want. But one requires a suitable business plan. One must achieve self-sufficiency in the dairy value chain.

10# Furniture Shop

The furniture industry is an important sector in Bangladesh and is showing healthy growth. 70% of production is of home furniture and 30% is of office furniture.

When you invest a good amount by setting up a furniture shop, then, in return you will earn a good amount. With the help of online advertising, you can market your furniture, build a website and start an online furniture shop.

Soon, we will share more small business ideas in Bangladesh with you. Keep visiting Startup Ideas.

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